Mike Hasemann

Mike's Land Sales has morphed into The LandCorp of Illinois. We are now more focused than ever on land and land alone. Our goal is to find land that is unused, underused and/or forgotten by its current owners and buy it at a rock bottom price. We then turn around and sell it to someone at a discounted amount - someone that is going to value that piece of land, use it, and appreciate getting a deal on their "perfect" lot.If you see a price on a lot that appears to be "too low", there is nothing wrong with the lot. It just means that we got an amazing deal on the lot and we are able to pass those savings on to our buyers. Our goal is not to maximize our profit. Our goal is to sell our land fast. Thats our model.We try to be the absolute lowest price lot in the area for the same size property. And if you look at our listings, thats where we fall almost every time for almost every lot.So if you want a great deal, keep an eye on our listings. And if you are a fellow land dealer that likes to buy deals in bulk and sell on terms, keep us in mind. If you buy multiple lots from us, we have room to give you even more discounts off our already reduced prices.We now have staff able to answer the phones for any questions between 9am and 5pm cst. And our sales manager, Cory, can typically take calls or texts any day/time of the week so feel free to reach out.ThanksMike HasemannPresident/Owner of The LandCorp Of Illinois, Inc.

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