1799 +/- Acres Wildlife Oasis and Ranch Land in Osage County, Oklahoma

Osage County, Oklahoma


1799.0 Arces

Multiple terrain changes make a small property feel big. With that being said one can imagine how deep ravines and large ridges make this 1,799 acres feel like it never ends. An interior trail system allows navigation through the ranch. Atv's and Utv's can make their way through any trail on the ranch as well as miles of rock outcroppings, steep wooded ridges, creek crossings, and more! A 4 wheel drive pickup or jeep can make it through all of the trails and many of them are neatly mowed and trim to allow a nice truck to move around the ranch without putting a scratch on it.

This ranch is a part of a vast system of ranches stretching West across Northern Osage County Oklahoma. The location of this ranch offers a unique combination of convenience and solitude that is very uncommon. It is situated 5 miles West of Highway 99. From the intersection of Highway 99 and Elgin road it is approximately 25 minutes to either Sedan, Kansas or Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Elgin road is a paved road that leads from Highway 99 through Boulanger and into Elgin. Before reaching Elgin there is a South turn on Road 4901. The ranch starts on the West side of the road in less than 1/4 of a mile. There is approximately 1 1/2 miles of gravel that turns into nearly 3/4 of a mile paved road frontage.

Along this frontage there is fair to good fencing the entire way with 5 different entry points. Starting at the North end the gate leads to a fenced area that is currently used for hay and equipment storage. Moving through that area leads into a meadow with a creek running through it. The creek is lined with mature pecan trees and cedars. This meadow is priced by wildlife and livestock. This is the first place strutting turkeys are seen every spring. A flock of 15-25 turkeys with multiple long beards hang out in this part of the ranch. The turkeys like to pick through the remnants of the cattle feed and the short grass makes them feel safe. The turkeys are not the only animal that hits this area for a free meal. It is a productive place to hunt hogs.

Moving South and climbing the hill leads to the second access point. From here there is a trail that leads through a narrow gap in the oak trees and opens up into a very scenic view of a deep ravine. This trail stays on top of the ridges and allows access from the Northeast to the Southwest extremities of the Ranch. Exiting this gate and moving further South leads to the last three entry points on the East side. At the base of the hill there is a wire gate that is used frequently for entering to feed the cattle. The next gated entry is an old homestead. The foundation and old barn are still there. Electricity runs along the road and has been connected in the recent past for Rv/Camper hook ups. The water source would be a well and there is not currently one in place. This entry will allow access to trails the lead South to the property line, North into the Ridges, and West through a stair stepping climb to top of the ranch. The last entry is a seldom used wire gate that would prove to be most useful for an easy way to sneak into a tree stand by the pond in the Southeast corner.

An additional point of entry is located on the Southwest corner of the Ranch by way of an Easement. Once the easement has been entered civilization has officially been left behind. It is a steady but gradual climb for of a mile before entering the Ranch. The easement road cuts the corner of this parcel and is only on the property for approximately 1000 feet before exiting. It is used by the neighboring land owners to access their property and is the only road for miles in any direction. It is very lightly traveled. Once on the Ranch there is an interior trail system that allows for easy navigation. The main trail meanders East North East before making a Y. From this ridge there are multiple ridges pointed to the North and the South. Trails along the top of the ridges allow access to different hunting locations to accommodate multiple hunters and weather conditions. One can stay headed Northeast on top of the ridge and end up on road 4901 or head South East down the ridge, through the timber, past the small pond in the woods, and eventually end up back at the homestead.

Sometime ago there was an aerial spray that has left a diversity of tree and plant growth across the top of the main ridge. Tall native grasses mixed with cedar trees and young oaks make for excellent bedding and feeding habitat for deer. These areas of the ranch are where quail are most often spotted. Deep in the ridges there are not only post oaks, but also large red oaks. There is an abundance of natural browse for wildlife. Considering the vastness of the Ranch it is of no surprise that there are multiple home ranges for different groups of wildlife. Bucks spotted on the Western side of the Ranch may never be seen on the Eastern side. The heavy woods and difficult terrain offer a bit of security that would be hard to ever take away.

Loam soils surrounding the homestead may not total enough acreage to interest a modern row crop farmer, however they do offer excellent opportunities. The fields have the potential to be cleaned up and put into hay production. Their value to the outdoorsman as a food source can not be overlooked. Large food plots can be planted here and in multiple spots allowing for a rotation of plant varieties year after year. These plots can range from 1 to 20 acres and support any food plot planting used by hunters across the Midwest.

Much of the Ranch is fenced and in great condition. Along the paved road frontage the fence is usable, but in need of repairs. There is also a stretch along the Southwest and Northeast side that needs to be installed. There are miles of interior cross fencing in place. Rugged tough terrain has already been handled with several of the fences. The separated pastures can be used to rotational graze a cow calf herd or effectively move yearlings throughout the Ranch on a summer lease program. Many ponds and creeks are located across this property providing reliable water sources for the different parcels.

The hunting capabilities can be used to supplement a cattle operation or the grazing opportunities can be used to supplement a hunting operation or personal oasis. To schedule a private tour to discuss what this Ranch can do for you please call or email Matt Wonser.
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Cell: 620-330-7282
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-1799 continuous acres with a variety of habitat and terrain changes.

-Excellent population of turkeys with multiple roost sides across the ranch.

-Whitetail deer hunting has the potential to be world class. The genetics and density are here to work with. An aggressive feeding program will have this property producing world class deer.

-Quail are spotted from time to time as well as other small game including squirrels and rabbits.

-Ducks are frequently scared from the ponds on trail rides through the ranch. Some ponds are smaller and surrounded by timber. These holes will put the ducks up close and personal when they drop in over the trees.

-Multiple scenic sunset and sunrise points that would make extraordinary build sites. Minimal gravel to travel and very private.

-Capable of handling a cow/calf operation or summer grazing program. Great fences in places, miles of cross fencing, and rotational grazing opportunities.

-Many trails to take advantage of and many more can be built. Trail rides can last all day as it is.

Osage County Interesting Facts:
-In 1872 the Osage Indians peacefully moved into Osage County, Oklahoma.

-Pawhuska is home to The Pioneer Woman. She has cook books, blogs, and featured on The Food Network.

-Boulanger was in the 2013 film August: Osage County filmed in the 3 story white house seen from Elgin road on the way to the Ranch.

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Internet Speed for Oklahoma

Provider Type Max Up Max Down
Vyve Broadband Investments, LLC Cable Modem-DOCSIS 3.1 15 Mbps 300 Mbps
ViaSat, Inc. Satellite 3 Mbps 100 Mbps
HNS License Sub, LLC Satellite 3 Mbps 25 Mbps
VSAT Systems, LLC Satellite 1.3 Mbps 2 Mbps
UNITED STATES CELLULAR CORPORATION Terrestrial Fixed Wireless 0.064 Mbps 2 Mbps
GCI Communication Corp. Satellite 0 Mbps 0 Mbps
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This Osage Economy

Unemployment Rate 3.8%
Recent Job Growth 2.3%
Future Job Growth 27.5%
Sales Tax 5.8%
Income Tax 5.0%
Income Per Capita $19,601
Household Income $28,750
Family Median Income $55,313
Agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting 0.0%
Mining, quarrying, oil and gas extraction 0.0%
Construction 2.3%
Manufacturing 9.3%
Wholesale Trade 0.0%
Retail Trade 14.0%
Transportation and warehousing 18.6%
Utilities 2.3%
Information 4.7%
Finance and insurance 0.0%
Real estate, rental, and leasing 0.0%
Professional, scientific and technical services 9.3%
Management of companies 0.0%
Administrative, support, and waste management services 0.0%
Educational services 7.0%
Health care and social assistance 9.3%
Arts, entertainment, and recreation 2.3%
Accommodation and food services 0.0%
Other services 18.6%
Public administration 2.3%
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Vatican Citys
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USDA Hardiness Zone 6b.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones are the standard by which gardeners and growers can determine which plants are most likely to thrive at a location.

Zone 6b goes all across this great country; stretching in a great crescent, through the center of the U.S. From Massachusetts down into Delaware. It then spreads southwest through Ohio, Kentucky, Kansas. Making a pit stop to touch the cooler parts of New Mexico and Arizona. Before it heads north into Utah and Nevada ultimately ending up in Nirvana-Land, aka Washington.

The coldest days in winter:
Temperatures from -5 to 0°C

This zone is good for growing:
Tomatoes, Squash, Peppers, Potatoes, and Cucumbers