Melrose, Beaverhead County, Montana


20.66 Arces

Here it is. The Montana mountain property youve been waiting for that borders the Beaverhead/Deer Lodge National Forest on 3 sides. And its right out in the middle of the Beaverhead Deer Lodge National Forest not just along the edge of it. Theres an unmaintained county road right to the property and several great building or camping sites that have been cleared right out in the middle of your very own forest with some of the most amazing views of the surrounding mountains. Theres Granite Mountain, Lion Mountain, Cleve Mountain, and Sheriff Mountain to name just a few. The mountains are above tree line and its got that great alpine look and feel. Its a must see to believe and experience.

Theres a fresh mountain stream that runs through the north side of the property. Its clear Montana mountain spring water and its right here on your very own mountain property. Camp right next to it or camp back in the trees, its up to you. Theres plenty of options. Sappington Creek runs within 100 feet of the property too just barely out on the National Forest. Theres small cutthroat trout in it, so you can go fishing right there next to the property any time you want right out your back door. Its an amazing find with all this sparkling mountain water to fish, listen to and enjoy on both sides of this great high mountain property.

There are jeep and ATV trails that take you right on to the National Forest from the property and up to near the tops of some of these nearby mountains where youll have a chance of seeing mountain goats and bighorn sheep as well as the elk, deer and moose in the area. Its high country at its finest and its all close by where you can access right from the property. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and ambition. You can also hunt your property for deer and elk or step right out on to the National Forest and take off from there. Theres thousands and thousands of acres and youre right out in the middle of it all. You can hunt both elk and deer with a general tag and theres extra cow tags you can draw for a second elk as well since the elk are so plentiful in Hunting District 331. Theres vast amounts of country to find them in, so you cant go wrong.

Trapper Lake is a high mountain Lake thats only about 1 1/2 miles from the property too. It has lots of high mountain cutthroat trout in it for lots and lots of fun. The Pioneer Mountains here have lots of high mountain lakes and streams to hike, explore, and fish. If thats not enough the Big Hole River is back down Trapper Creek Road at Melrose, Montana and the Beaverhead River is nearby too. Its a fishermans paradise.

The area is rich in mining history as well. Some of the remains of the old towns of Hecla, Lion City, and Trapper City can still be found where the miners worked and lived in hopes of striking it rich on the silver, copper, and other metals these mountains hold. Some evidence of the past mining can still be seen, but most of the property is forested and looks primarily undisturbed. The property still has the ruminants of one of the very old miners structures that was most likely used to help bring the precious metals to the surface. Theres an old car body on the property too. Imagine the people this car carried on these remote mountain roads in and out of Trapper Creek back in the day.

This is high elevation snowy country at 8200 feet, so dont ask about living here year round. Its recreational property at its finest during the summer and fall, but not a place to live in the winter. The road is rough in places too. From Melrose, Montana theres about 8 miles of relatively good gravel road. From there its another approximately 6 miles of rough unmaintained county road and then about 1 more mile of rough National Forest road to the property. You might consider bringing in a pickup box camper or pulling a small camper in or possibly even trailering some building materials in for a cabin, but youd have to take it slow and it would be rough. Melrose which is about 15 miles away has fuel and a place to eat. Its about 46 miles to Dillon and about 50 miles to Butte for more of the amenities and an airport there in Butte.

This is an extremely rare find bordering the National Forest and having all these hunting, fishing, and recreating opportunities at your fingertips along with the history and wildlife in the area. Its that great piece of Montana mountain heaven that could be all yours to own. All your friends will be jealous for sure. Dont let this one slip away.

Call the owner any time at 406-461-6779 to learn more and visit about purchasing this great Montana property.

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