Residential Lot With City Utilities In The Heart Of Pahrump

Nye County, Nevada


0.15 Arces

Property Specific Notes:

The subject property is a .15 acre lot (6,500+ square feet, 15% of 1 acre) located along Wedgewood Street in the Calvada Valley subdivision. This small subdivision is zoned for residential use and sits just northeast of Highway 160, the main four lane divided highway which travels through Pahrump and connects it to nearby Las Vegas.

The subject property boasts paved road access, power at the lot line and underground telecom lines. Additionally, it is in an area serviced by city water and city sewer lines which means anyone building here will not incur the expense of drilling a well.

Unlike most of the vacant land we list, this property actually has a formal address of 6410 Wedgewood Street. This should make it easier for anyone looking to scout the land prior to purchase.

While the Calvada Valley subdivision was created with a number of covenants and restrictions, all of them seem to reference zoning law or building and enviornmental codes, meaning regulations you'd have to abide by whether you build here or anywhere else in the state. Because of this, the covenants seem largely redundant with zoning law. That said, anyone who would like to familiarize themselves with the CCRs can do so by reading the PDF linked here.

This property is zoned VR-8 (Villiage Residential 8) which means it's designed for "moderate density residential use." Or as the zoning ordinance states, it is zoned for "single family residential development, and to preclude incompatable uses." This means that while this property may be ideal for a house or mobile home with cement foundation, it could not be used for RV living or camping. To learn more about the VR-8 Zoning Designation, click here to read an excerpt from the county zoning ordinance.

It should be noted that while this property is not zoned for RV usage, anyone building on the lot can apply for a Temporary Use Permit to live on the land in their RV while the permanent structure is being built.

Despite being one of the larger rural communities in Nevada, the town of Pahrump has only about 36,000 residents with most of its homes and industry concentrated close to Highway 160. Because of this, most everything you will need is within a short five to ten minute drive from the subject property. This includes but is not limited to the local Wal Mart, Home Depot, Smith's and Albertson's Grocery Stores, elementary, middle and high schools, the Calvada Meadows Airport, the Desert View Hospital, the Pahrump Nugget and the Gold Town Casinos as well as countless bars, churches, parks and restaurants.

While most know that gambling is legal in Nevada, it should be noted that both marijuana and prostitution are also decriminalized here (marijuana state wide, prostitution in certain counties including Nye). This is stated neither as a positive or negative but rather something to help our buyers make an informed choice about a potential purchase and the community they may be moving into.

In addition to the various activities within town, the subject property also sits within an hour's drive of some of the most iconic attractions of Southern Nevada including Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley, Mount Charleston, Spring Mountain Ranch, Lake Mead, Valley Of Fire, the Ash Meadows Wildlife Refuge and Mount Jefferson, all of which are ideal for countless hours of hiking, camping, sight-seeing, photography and general exploration. It should also be noted that within forty minutes of Pahrump is a hidden gem not a lot of people are aware of known as the Las Vegas Strip. Some may also be interested in exploring this.

Speaking of The Strip, it's worth noting that Pahrump is often times refered to as a "bedroom community" of Las Vegas, with a number of residents commuting back and forth to work every day. As population growth and property values continue to rise in the nearby Vegas Metro Area and as the city expands in every direction to accomodate it, Pahrump not only remains an affordable alternative but one where property values are sure to appreciate as the two towns become closer over the next decade.

Nevada is one of only seven states which do not tax income. This means that moving here will automatically save you money.

This property was closed on and its title insured through Cow County Title.

Lot Size\t0.15 Acre

Property Address: 6410 Wedgewood Street

Legal Description: CALVADA VALLEY NORTH, UNIT 2, BLOCK 94, LOT 2

Parcel Number: 30-283-02

Account Number: 3028302

Center: 36.313752,-116.010616
NW: 36.3139294808772,-116.010624232303
NE: 36.3138293013872,-116.010435883519
SW: 36.3136899941368,-116.010792626727
SE: 36.3135996893261,-116.010622711527

Annual Taxes: $63.20


POA Regulations: CCRs PDF

Zoning: Village Residential (VR-8) PDF

Time Limit To Build: None

Access: Paved Roads

Power: At The Lot Line

Phone: At The Lot Line

Water: City Water Services Available To This Lot

Sewer: City Sewer Services Available To This Lot

Elevation: 2,697 ft

Conveyance Document: Warranty Deed

Type of Closing: Notary Close

Doc Prep Fee: $150.00

Nearby Towns:
Summerlin (West Vegas): 55 miles (50 min)
Las Vegas Strip (Central Vegas): 71 miles (1 hr 18 min)
Henderson: 76.5 miles (1 hr 21 min)
Boulder City: 86.9 miles (1 hr 32 min)
Tonopah: 160 miles (2 hr 29 min)
Reno: 387 miles (6 hr 19 min)
Tahoe: 400 miles (6 hr 25 min)

Points Of Interest:
Red Rock Canyon
Lake Mead
Death Valley National Park
Things To Do In Las Vegas
Spring Mountain Ranch State Park
Mount Charleston
Lee Canyon Skiing
Valley Of Fire
Pahrump Nugget Casino
Pahrump Valley Winery
Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club
Mountain Falls Golf Club
Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge
Mount Jefferson

Est Taxes



No water


No sewage


No telephone line


No gas


No electric

Lot Details

  • Icons/close No Mobile Home Data Provided
  • Icons/close Property is not on a Cul de Sac
  • Icons/close Property is not a Corner Lot
  • Icons/close Property is not Subdividable

Internet Speed for Nevada

Provider Type Max Up Max Down
Stimulus Technologies Terrestrial Fixed Wireless 1000 Mbps 1000 Mbps
ViaSat, Inc. Satellite 3 Mbps 100 Mbps
LasVegas.Net Terrestrial Fixed Wireless 10 Mbps 50 Mbps
Valley Communications Association, LLC Terrestrial Fixed Wireless 10 Mbps 50 Mbps
Skybeam, Inc. Terrestrial Fixed Wireless 5 Mbps 50 Mbps
HNS License Sub, LLC Satellite 3 Mbps 25 Mbps
VSAT Systems, LLC Satellite 1.3 Mbps 2 Mbps
GCI Communication Corp. Satellite 0 Mbps 0 Mbps
Approximate Location
This land's acreage of 0.15 is equal to:
Average Starbucks
This land's price of $6K is equal to:
Avg. priced homes in San Francisco
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USDA Hardiness Zone 8a.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones are the standard by which gardeners and growers can determine which plants are most likely to thrive at a location.

USDA Hardiness Zone 8 is one of the warmest plant hardiness zones. It is fortunate enough to have mild winters and long hot summers. It extends up the west coast, covering a large portion of the United States. It's a great place for growing watermelon for picnics and get togethers in the summer months and to grow prize winning pumpkins in time for Halloween.

The coldest days in winter:
Temperatures from 10 to 15°C

This zone is good for growing:
pecan, chestnut, watermelon, pumpkin, and Apples, Pears, Plums
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