Recreational land for sale

Listing a total 215 recreational properties in United States

Hiking, skiing, fishing, camping. You name it! There are hundreds if not thousands of outdoor recreations available across the country. From the lakes of the Midwest to the purple mountains majesty of the Rockies, owning a piece of recreational land means that you and your family will have a place to be active, experience the great outdoors, and most importantly create memories that will last a lifetime!

Icons/globe 74.0 Acres  in Pine County
Icons/location Hinckley, Minnesota
Icons/globe 105.4 Acres  in Walker County
Icons/location New Waverly, Texas
Icons/globe 97.0 Acres  in Greene County
Icons/location Greene, Illinois
Icons/globe 10600.0 Acres  in Webb County
Icons/location Webb, Texas
Icons/globe 88.5 Acres  in Lamb County
Icons/location Littlefield, Texas
Icons/globe 226.0 Acres  in Ellis County
Icons/location Ellis, Texas